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Rug Shopping, Where Do I Start?

If you have decided to invest in a quality rug, it is essential that you know your options. Unfortunately, some retailers will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and sell you an overpriced rug. These tips should help you in your rug search and purchasing process.

The Right Company For The Right Rug – Today there are lots of rug options out there. From lower quality synthetic rugs to more high-end rugs. Make sure you know your materials and what is worth paying top dollar for and what is not. Large box stores are great for every day “disposable” rugs. Think of the areas that take a beating in your home, that is where you want one of these rugs. You will not find a high-end rug that is meant to last in one of these places however. That is ok, just make sure you are buying the right rug for the proper purpose. You’ll find a quality high-end rug at antique and consignment stores, furniture and flooring stores, and of course rug galleries. Ask around with friends and family, or even whoever cleans your current rugs to find a reputable source. They will often times have good first-hand experience to share.

The Right Rug – It is important to find the right rug for the right job. Wool rugs are the best in almost every way because they hide dirt, hold up much longer and look cleaner longer than any other fiber. Another great perk is that wool rugs are a green choice since sheep are always growing a new coat and aren’t produced from synthetic materials like lower-end options. Silk rugs are beautiful but can be quite pricey. Plus, if spilled on, they will bleed so keep that in mind when you are thinking about where the rug will be placed. Buying a silk rug can also be tricky since some sellers may try to pass off a viscose or rayon rug as silk. The bottom line is to make sure you trust the seller you are buying your rug from.

Construction – Many rugs fall into two categories concerning their construction, woven (by hand or machine) and tufted. Woven rugs are solid and sturdy and will last you a long time. Tufted rugs are made to look like woven rugs, but their construction is far inferior. Instead of being woven, the wool is pulled through to the back, and then latex is poured on the back to hold it all together which is not as strong as a woven rug. Plus the latex can at times give off a bad odor. If that is the case, that smell cannot be removed. When it comes to cleaning, tufted rugs can be tricky when a contaminant like pet pee gets into the latex glue. Also, the glue does not hold up to washes very well. If you want a rug that will last, choose a woven rug.

How do you know if a rug is woven or tufted? Flip the rug over and look at the back. If you see the same pattern from the front, it is woven, if you see a material backing, it is tufted (the material is hiding the latex glue). Note that there are other rugs like custom or “crafty” rugs like “t-shirt” rugs or rugs made out of leather strips or fuzzy pom poms. Since these materials are not typically used for rugs, they can be challenging to clean (and expensive). Just keep that in mind when you are making your purchase.

We hope these tips will help you in your search for a new rug. If you have any questions or need some direction, feel free to give us a call. TruClean Floor Care delivers customers thoroughly clean floors using professional, eco-friendly cleaning techniques for tile, carpets, upholstery, rugs and more.

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Why You Should NOT Seal Your Tile Grout

So, you have just remodeled your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, and the tile and grout you picked look fabulous. Or maybe you have a tile floor that sees a lot of traffic, and you want a way to keep it cleaner and for longer. You want to protect your walls or floors and make cleaning much easier in the long run. The next logical step is grout sealing right?   Many grout sealers claim to prevent mildew and mold growth while making cleaning much easier. Plus, sealing your grout is what everyone does isn’t it? While it is true that many people seal their tile grout for these reasons and more, it’s important to know that when you seal your grout, it actually makes cleaning much harder in the long run. Almost every website that touches on this topic of grout sealing is for it, but we are going to tell you why we are against it. Grout is porous and therefore absorbs liquids. Because of this, the reason you should not seal your tile grout is that the sealer’s liquid chemicals combine with the grout to create a surface that is actually much more difficult to clean. By sealing the grout, you have created a much harder surface which can be good on the one hand but bad on the other when it resists cleaning attempts. Also, when unsealed grout gets wet, the water can evaporate and dry. When a crack forms in your sealed grout or between your sealed grout and tile, water or other liquids can get in there but are not able to get out by evaporating and drying, essentially becoming trapped by the sealed grout and causing issues down the line due to the retained moisture. To be clear, we are talking about grout and not the tile itself. Natural stone like marble, slate, and limestone is different and needs to be professionally sealed (ceramic and porcelain do not). So, what do you do then? Nobody wants to deal with dirty grout lines. There are a few things that can help you maintain your tile grout and keep it looking new. Vacuum your tile before cleaning it to get all the debris off first – that way you aren’t essentially scrubbing dirt into the grout when you clean. Also, make sure you change the water you are using to clean with often for the same reason. Lastly, don’t wait until it is filthy to clean. If you are regularly cleaning your tile and grout, it will have less of a chance to take in the ground-in dirt and will stay cleaner longer. If your tile grout is old and coming up in places and seemingly beyond help,  think about regrouting your tile. It is amazing what this can do for the look and feel. Maybe choose a darker grout that will show less dirt. If your grout is in good shape and intact but very dirty, consider calling in a professional. They have commercial-grade machinery that is more powerful than what the average business or homeowner has access to. Plus they have the experience and know-how to clean your tile grout both effectively and safely. TruClean Floor Care delivers customers thoroughly clean floors using professional, eco-friendly cleaning techniques for tile, carpets, upholstery, rugs and more. To schedule a service, contact us today!

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