Famous people from Clearwater, FL

Despite being largely a tourist destination lined up with world-class attractions, high-profile restaurants, and five-star hotels, Clearwater FL is also a very family-friendly community with many exemplary neighborhoods. This combined with the great infrastructure, well-established education system and numerous public amenities make the city one of the most coveted residential areas. Clearwater’s ability to incorporate livability into what is otherwise a tourism and business dominated city is quite remarkable. As such the city is and has been home to some very popular individuals through its history. Below is a list of some of its famous current and former residents:

Lynn D. Stewart

Stewart is a prominent businessman who is mainly credited with co-founding Hooters, Inc. Stewart and his five associates established the very first Hooters restaurant in the Floridian city of Clearwater in 1983. Their brand went on to grow to a giant restaurant-chain with over 430 locations around the world. Originally from Illinois, Stewart is currently a permanent resident of Florida.

Keith Fitzgerald Thurman Jr.

Former WBA welterweight world champion Keith Thurman is another native of Clearwater city. Popularly known as “One Time” due to his habit of knocking out his opponents, Thurman is by far one of the most formidable welterweight fighters according to a 2019 ranking by The Ring magazine. Thurman is a resident of Clearwater-born and raised.

Hulk Hogan

Terry Gene Bollea alias Hulk Hogan is a former professional pro wrestler who enjoyed a very successful career in the sport especially during his time at WWE. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, actor, musician, and TV personality. Though born in Georgia, Bollea is a proud resident of Clearwater city. He also owns a home in the famous suburban city of Beverly Hills, CA. Despite his retirement from wrestling, Bollea is still considered by many people as one of the best wrestlers of all time.

Michele Nielsen

Nielsen is an accomplished attorney who worked for homeland security and the White House as the chief of staff and deputy chief of staff in the Donald Trump administration respectively. She was later named as the secretary of homeland security, a position she resigned from less than two years after her appointment after a series of questionable border incidents and altercations with President Donald Trump. Despite being born in Colorado Springs, Nielsen grew up in Clearwater but later moved out to study in Washington, DC.
Other popular residents and former residents of Clearwater city include famous disc golfer Ken “The Champ” Climo, musician Juliet Simms, internationally recognized boat builder Clark Mills and Sara Blakely who is credited with founding Spanx Inc.