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How to Regrout Your Tile

Regrouting can do wonders for your tiled surfaces.

Over time your tile grout will deteriorate and wear down leaving areas where there appears to be little or no grout at all. When this happens you have a few options – you can replace the tile/grout or regrout your existing tile. Replacing the tiled area with new tile and grout can be just as time-consuming as regrouting (regrouting can take even longer at times) however, regrouting can be much less expensive, especially if you do it yourself and plus, the materials are cheap. Choosing to regrout is also a great choice when you are dealing with antique tile that is original to the building, and you are wanting to preserve its historic character. 

This video will take you step-by-step through the easy process. Note that the same process can be applied to a tile floor. Video courtesy of

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