Rug Washing

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Rug Washing Process


Determine what type of rug you have (Fiber Type, Dye Test, Construction, Conditions & PHOTO) in order to keep your rugs safe.

2. DUST:

Using a Badger, Air Dust, or Vacuum, we will rid the rug of any dust particles before washing.

3. WASH:

Washfloor/pit or surface cleaning methods will be used to thoroughly wash your rug.


Using either an acidic rinse or a water rinse, we will rinse the rug to remove all particles left behind from washing.


Using a centrifuge (1200rpm spin cycle), we extract any liquids left inside the rug after cleaning.

6. DRY

We will either be using a hang or flat lay technique for the drying of your rugs.


The last step of our 5 Star washing process is to use a moisture sensor and to brush/groom in order to assure you that you’ve received the absolute best care for your beautiful rugs.

(When You Pickup & Drop-off)