Tile & Grout Cleaning

TruClean’s 10 step process for cleaning Tile & Grout


Cleaning Steps:

  1. Inspection: Technicians, along with the customers do walk through to identify the type of tile, existing grout problems, and so on. Soiling conditions have to be identified in order to use the right chemistry to remove the problematic soiling so doing a test first is key.
  2. Pre-vacuum or Sweep: (IF NEEDED) This step is to remove any large debris that will clog the tile wand. This step also removes hairs and pet dander.
  3. Protect: Includes corner guards, masking off areas, and making sure all customers belongings are moved from the area or protected.
  4. Pre-Treatment: To ensure proper cleaning, pre-treatment is applied on all tile and grout lines in order to suspend the soil for extraction.
  5. Agitation: Scrubbing the grout lines and sometimes the face of the tile is very important in soil suspension to help break away stubborn soil and remove the top layer so the cleaning agents can penetrate deep into the pores of the grout.
  6. Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning”: Using our high performance van powered truck mount, we use 200+ degree water that has a neutralizing agent to bring the tile and grout back to a neutral state while they dry to prevent rapid resoiling. This step also insures in rinsing out the cleaning agents used in step 3.
  7. Post Spot Treating: Sometimes stubborn grout stains can remain after the cleaning process. We Post treat the stains with a specialized cleaning agent and steam again.
  8. Cutting in: We use a special tool to cut in around all baseboards and appliances to insure no dirt is left behind.
  9. Drying: The Use of air movers, squeegee wand and a dry mop to quickly remove any excess water build up on tile and grout will help ensure a beautiful cleaning job and not residue left behind.
  10. Post Inspection: After the cleaning process is complete. The customer is invited in to inspect the floors to ensure the job was done right to their satisfaction.

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