Water Mitigation

If your Pinellas County home or business has any sort of water damage, reach out to TruClean right away. We can help bring your water damaged items and materials back to normal as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Pinellas

Water damage occurs when too much water pools in closed spaces. All sorts of different factors can cause an excess of water that leads to water damage. It helps to be aware of the possible sources of water damage. Such an awareness empowers you to take precautionary measures or prevent a more significant and expensive leak from forming. The sooner such a problem is noticed, the quicker the water extraction can occur and water damage restoration can take place. Time is always of the essence when water is involved.

Water damage is caused by anything from leaking or burst pipes to malfunctioning HVAC units, plumbing system malfunctions, faulty appliances, natural disasters, weather issues, a buildup in areas where water can collect, and so on. Even heavy rain, high humidity, an overflow, or a sewage backup has the potential to cause water damage to your home, business, or other building.

Water Damage is an Emergency

An abundance of water poses a threat to the structural integrity of your Pinellas County property. This is a legitimate emergency. Building materials like drywall and wood will absorb the water and permit it to gradually spread across the entire structure. If you ignore this water damage, it will continue to spread and make the damage that much worse.

Even a small leak has the potential to cause significant structural damage as time progresses. Furthermore, the presence of water on your property makes it that much easier for mold to grow. Mold negatively impacts your health as well as the quality of your home. Water transmitted to your home from a sewage backup or an outside flood likely has harmful contaminants that have the potential to spread disease, infection etc. This is precisely why you should consider water damage to be an emergency and react within a day or two at a max.

How to Proceed After Water Damage

Call our water damage professionals as soon as you notice the water in your home or business. Our Pinellas water damage restoration team will help in a variety of ways.

We will start out by stopping the water from spreading to prevent additional damage. We will work to restore your property as well as your belongings after the water exposure occurs. You can help by not walking through flooded spaces if the electricity has not been turned off. Water itself is also a threat as it might have sewage or other unsavory particles. If your Pinellas County home or business has structural damage following the water exposure, it is best to stay out of the home until repairs and restoration are complete.

How Pinellas Water Damage Professionals can Help

Though water damage is certainly a difficult event, there is still hope. Our Pinellas water damage team will lend assistance to get your property back in good condition. We will pinpoint the cause of the excess water. Once the water is halted at its source, the restoration work will commence.

The items affected by the water will be removed. This might include things like furniture, woodwork, drywall, insulation, carpeting etc. The items are dried, restored, or thrown out. The extent of the damage ultimately determines the fate of the water-laden materials. Drying and dehumidification machines are then positioned to dry out the impacted space. The affected area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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